Sustainable Growth Through Our Converged Structure

We aim to offer our communication and technology services in an integrated manner from our sales points to our call centers.


In 2015, we have restructured our operations end to end to be able to provide all our mobile, fixed and broadband services in an integrated and coordinated manner to meet the expectations of our consumer and corporate customers.

Our aim is to increase customer loyalty, competitiveness and operational efficiency which in turn enables sustainable growth by providing our converged communications and technology services and our customers’ experience at Turkcell end to end from our stores to our call centers, and from integrated offers to our post-sales services. While our leader position in the mobile market allows us to penetrate our converged new services to our clients much faster, being a challenger in the fixed market and a new player in the TV market supports our potential for growth in these markets.

In the upcoming terms, we trust that we will strengthen our position providing converged communications and technology services in Turkey and the surrounding region with the support of our strong 4.5G and fiber network.

As a company providing converged communications and technology services:

  • We will provide converged offers, in which our customers will be able to receive mobile broadband , fixed broadband, TV and other media services together.
  • Our customers will be able to purchase these products from all our sales points.
  • Our call centers and post-sales services will become one.
  • We will be able to provide a single bill to our customers preferring this option.


We meet the communication needs of our customers with our mobile, fixed broadband and TV products in the best way possible.

In Turkey, we provide services to our consumer and corporate customers with our mobile, fixed broadband and TV products.

In 2015, we maintained our position as the leader in the mobile industry with 34 million customers. We continued to rapidly grow, reaching 1.5 million customers on fixed broadband. The number of customers using our Turkcell TV+ product, which we introduced almost a year ago, has reached 558 thousand.

Number of Subscribers
Number of Subscribers

Our post-paid mobile customer base continued to grow on the back of our superior network quality and innovative products and services. Our post-paid customers, which reached 16.6 million on a yearly increase of 1.4 million, constitute 49% of our total mobile customer base.

In 2015, we diversified our packages of high quota to meet our clients’ increasing mobile data requirement. We have enabled our customers to enjoy data by offering our “Large Data” packages to our post-paid customers and “Generous Data” packages to our prepaid customers. We have increased the number of mobile internet users through new introductory campaigns. Additionally, we have improved customer satisfaction with our limit notifications and our Turkcell Solution for Exceeding the Limit.

We have continued our investments at full steam in order to continue providing the best service to our customers. Owing to the frequencies for which we have gained the right to use within the 4.5G authorization tender, we will be the only mobile operator to provide 375 Mbps mobile internet speed with Carrier Aggregation Technology, as of April 1, 2016.

We have responded to our customers’ ever-increasing data requirements with our fixed broadband products by means of our integrated communications infrastructure and technological services. With our fiber, VDSL and ADSL campaigns, we have continued to offer our customers the experience of internet at the speed of light.

While our number of fixed broadband customers consisting of fiber and ADSL customers reached 1.5 million with a 329 thousand increase, 899 thousand have preferred fiber speed internet. We have continued to gain customers with triple play offers that include our Turkcell TV+ product. The ratio of customers who use our Turkcell TV+ service in addition to fixed broadband and fixed voice services within our broadband customer base was 23% as at the end of 2015.

899 thousand
fiber subscribers

23% triple play ratio

We meet the needs of our consumer and corporate customers in different fields through our numerous services and applications by combining our high technology with an ease of use experience. With our notable services such as BiP, Smart Storage and Turkcell Music, we enrich the lives of our customers.

We have achieved our 52% smartphone penetration target through an increase in the number of smartphones on our network by 3.4 million this year. This increase was on the back of extensive device portfolio, which also included T50 and T60 branded smartphones, in the distribution network, and various offers and campaigns.

Smartphone users on our network have continued to increase.

Smartphone Penetration
Smartphone Penetration
Data Revenues (TRY Million)
Data Revenues (TRY Million)



Our new marketing approach, through which we provide efficient, value-driven and real-time offers for our customers’ needs analyzed through the use of technology, rests on three main pillars:


We manage our consumer business under 8 different segments defined by customer behavior. With our segments, which we name “premium and platinum”, “youth”, “professionals”, “housewives”, “disabled”, “farmers”, “civil servants” and “golden ages”, we work to better understand and address our customers’ needs in the best possible way. Our aim is to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers through targeted offers as per their needs.


Our products and services facilitate our customers’ greater daily use of technology with a view to making their lives easier.

Turkcell TV+: The TV Platform of the Future

Thanks to Turkcell TV+, which we began to offer a year ago, our customers have been experiencing new generation TV in their homes, and on their mobile phones, tablets and computers.

600 thousand customers
9.6 hours average daily viewing time
from home

Having changed user habits from the first day and transformed any screen into a television with features such as pausing, rewinding and recording of live broadcasts with the advantages of cloud technology, Turkcell TV+ has reached 600,000 customers (including mobile TV, web TV and IPTV users) in a year.

Going forward, Turkcell TV+ is positioned as one of the drivers behind Turkcell’s growth.

Coming up next
Dynamic and interactive content
with an extensive application store High resolution,
detailed and clear image with 4K UHD

Turkcell TV+: Geleceğin TV Platformu

Note: The figures are as at February 18, 2016 which is the 2015 full year results disclosure date.

BiP: The New Generation Communication Platform

BiP: The New Generation Communication Platform

We have added a new feature to existing features such as disappearing messages and creating CAPS to differentiate our new generation IP based communication platform BiP from its competitors. BiP users are able to make voice or video calls by pressing the call button without having to leave the messaging screen.

Having been downloaded approximately 6.2 million times as at February 18, 2016, BiP is developed in Turkey with local knowledge and resources. We provide a high speed and high quality service to our customers with BiP, which leverages Turkcell’s powerful infrastructure.

BiP, with its rapidly growing user base, has so far been downloaded in 189 countries. After Turkey, the countries with the most downloads were Azerbaijan and Germany. 36% of users in Turkey comprise the customers of other operators.


6.2 million downloads

36% non-Turkcell users

Note: The figures are as at February 18, 2016 which is the 2015 full year results disclosure date.

Turkcell Music: The Leading Music Service

With its renewed mobile application in 2014 and hundreds of new lists added and its user-friendly interface developed in 2015, Turkcell Music has become the first choice among our customers as a music application. Turkcell Music, providing our customers the opportunity to listen to music without reducing their internet quota, has become the largest music platform in Turkey by tripling its number of users and its revenues in 2015 year-on-year.

Turkcell Music

5.4 million downloads

over 500 playlists

Note: The figures are as at February 18, 2016 which is the 2015 full year results disclosure date.

Smart Storage: Cloud Technology For Everyone

Providing the opportunity to safely store and share photographs, videos, music and files, Smart Storage, with its easy use, renewed interface and improved automatic backing up feature, has reached 1.7 million users. Smart Storage, for which we increased the capacities offered within packages ten-fold in July, has gained a leading position in the Turkish market.

Smart Storage is the only personal cloud application in the world with the features of previewing saved photographs on printed paper, choosing and sending pictures to print, and shipping printed pictures with ordered format and in requested number of copies to users’ addresses.

Smart Storage: Cloud Technology For Everyone

1.7 million

270 million
recorded data

Note: The figures are as at February 18, 2016 which is the 2015 full year results disclosure date.

Goals on Mobile: An Exclusive Service for Football Supporters

With our Goals on Mobile application, prepared exclusively for the fans of the four largest teams (Goals on Mobile 1903, Goals on Mobile 1905, Goals on Mobile 1907, Goals on Mobile 1967), we provide services such as live goals, the latest news and exclusive videos, live scores from around the world, score histories, league tables and live commentaries during games. Our application, enabling fans to discuss and chat about the game with others at the stadium, was downloaded 1.8 million times, as at February 18, 2016.

Goals on Mobile: An Exclusive Service for Football Supporters

1.8 million

2 million
videos viewed

Note: The figures are as at February 18, 2016 which is the 2015 full year results disclosure date.

Turkcell My Account: Our Aim Is To Make Our Customers’ Lives Easier

Our customers have made over 1 billion transactions in a year via our digital channels. We aim to provide a unique, user-friendly, easy and simple experience to these customers with our best infrastructure at global standards and our technological capabilities.

Within this framework, we introduced the “Turkcell My Account” application in 2014 with the aim of making the lives of our customers easier and allowing them to access any information about Turkcell from anywhere. Having reached 2.1 million users as of the end of 2015, this application enables our customers to get information, make transactions, purchase services and access customer services. At The Loyalty Awards in 2015, we were awarded the first prize in the “Best User Experience” category for our website, and My Account application.

Turkcell My Account: Our Aim Is To Make Our Customers’ Lives Easier

2.1 million

5.4 million downloads

My Official Transactions: Easier Tracking of Official Transactions

Our customers are able to follow up on their children’s exam results and cases opened against them, learn their tax debts and traffic fines, if any, and query information such as retirement age and total number of years of service with our Turkcell My Official Transactions application.

We offer this application through a combination of the assets of public institutions with our mobile infrastructure. In 2015, 22 million messages were sent with the application, which enables them to be sent without the need to constantly query requested information.

My Official Transactions: Easier Tracking of Official Transactions


22 million SMS traffic

My Dream Companion: Rich Content with “Pioneering Work”

With our Turkcell My Dream Companion application enabling our visually impaired customers to access information faster and easier, and to become more active and independent in their social lives, we provide these customers the opportunity to follow current news and articles, listen to thousands of audio books and magazines, and benefit from hundreds of courses.

In 2015, we have developed our application further with new features. My Dream Companion users are now able to find stores and directions by receiving audio guidance with the navigation system developed with Beacon technology. Since September, we have been providing the opportunity for the visually impaired to listen to movies at the cinema through the application with the Audio Description feature without requiring any extra equipment. This feature is a first for the world.

My Dream Companion Audio Description was recognized for "Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility and Social Inclusion" by the GSMA at the Global Mobile Awards in Mobile World Congress 2016.

My Dream Companion: Rich Content with “Pioneering Work”

Description Feature

My Route Companion

Mobile Payment: The Leader in Mobile Payment in Turkey

In March 2015, we established Turkcell Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. (TÖHAŞ) within the framework of Payment Services legislation no. 6493 to create the best payment solutions for the needs of our customers, and to provide a faster and easier shopping experience. By expanding the network of over 2 thousand member merchants where the Turkcell

Mobile Payment service is accepted, we have provided faster and easier payment methods in numerous new fields such as application stores, restaurant chains, car parks, insurance premium payments and fast track services at airports.

Mobile Payment: The Leader in Mobile Payment in Turkey

2.3 million

over 2 thousand
member merchants


Nine out of ten companies in the Fortune 500 Turkey list prefer Turkcell.

We support our corporate customers in making a difference in their businesses, becoming prominent in a competitive environment, and in growing their businesses with solutions and approaches in communications and technology, apart from our superior network platform. We provide service to every 9 out of 10 companies on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in Turkey.

Our Real-Time Enterprise Vision

By simplifying the Real-Time Business vision, which we created for our corporate customers to enable them to provide the best service to their own customers, we renewed it as Real-Time Enterprise, which all companies can make use of. With this approach, we support companies in their transformation of being able to manage and monitor their systems and processes anytime anywhere.

We provide the following services within our Real-Time Enterprise solution at different levels:

  • Real-Time Enterprise: Companies, assigning the management of their employees’ communications needs Turkcell, are provided with devices and mobile internet connection from the Turkcell Smart Device portfolio. This service allows them to take company courses anywhere any time with Turkcell Corporate Academy, and hold meetings anytime and anywhere with Turkcell Video Conference. Within this service, Turkcell Smart Fax manages their faxes from smart devices, and Turkcell TeamMobile+ tracks assigned work and provides information to the company from any location. With Mobile Field Solutions, they also manage field operations from outside the office and exchange information in real-time.
  • Zero Infrastructure Enterprise: The intra-office communication requirements of companies entrusting Turkcell with their infrastructure management are met with Turkcell’s Smart Switch service. This service manages files with Turkcell Cloud Solutions from anywhere and any device, hires servers, reduces physical server costs from Turkcell, and increases and reduces the capacity of servers with remote administration in real-time.
  • Real-Time Marketing: With Turkcell Mobile Marketing Solutions, in which data is instantly processed to manage customers more efficiently, it is possible to reach current and potential customers when they sign-in at determined times and locations. This service also allows users to reach customers of whom they do not have contact information, with Turkcell Smart Talents, to view the location of their target audience and to organize the marketing and opening of new branch operations on the basis of large volumes of data with Turkcell Smart Map.

Internet of Things

With our Machine to Machine communication (M2M) solutions, Turkcell Smart Device enables route optimization of fleets and fuel efficiency through remote tracking, and Smart Energy Tracking enables real-time tracking and intervention in the energy efficiency of all branches and offices. With Turkcell Smart Industry solutions, it is possible to remotely track all machines, equipment, assets and processes in operation in realtime, and to instantly intervene in extraordinary cases.

We continued to contribute to the Turkish economy with our machine to machine communication application.

We achieved the following in Turkey with our M2M infrastructure:

  • By transforming over 650,000 devices into Smart Vehicle, we saved approximately TRY 1.5 billion in fuel.
  • With our Smart Energy service, we increased the number of meters we read remotely to over 182,000 at 21 electricity distribution companies.
  • We increased our number of new generation cash register users to over 100,000.
  • Our number of customers within TeamMobile exceeded 100,000. We expanded TeamMobile from mobile phones to business management and launched TeamMobile+.
  • We aim to deliver Smart City technologies to every region in Turkey. With this objective, we held our first launch in Gaziantep.

Data Center and Cloud Services

We provide Turkey’s largest data center and cloud services infrastructure.

7 data centers
7,500 m2 area (2015)
30,000 m2 area (2018)

With our data center, server hosting, cloud and security and accessibility services, we thoroughly support the infrastructure of our corporate customers end to end and facilitate their resource management.

We aim to increase the capacity of our Turkcell Data Centers currently having a total area of 7,500 m2 at 7 points to 30,000 m2 in three years. Our new data center in Gebze, Istanbul, the construction of which is on-going, will become the largest and most efficient data center in a single location in Turkey. At the same time, it will be the first service provider data center to have the Tier-3 design and operation certificate in Turkey. Additionally, protected carrier path for Turkcell fiber optic infrastructure will be provided with alternative carrier option.

Veri Merkezi ve Bulut Servislerimiz


We are focused on offering the best services at every point where we meet our customers.

Our Channel Structure

We continue to provide services and solutions through our Turkcell Consumer Sales Channel, Alternative Sales Channels, Turkcell Superonline Fiber and DSL Solution Centers and Corporate Sales Channel.

Within the framework of our converged structure, we have begun to provide our fixed and mobile integrated Turkcell solutions from Turkcell Communications Centers (TİM) in the city of Kocaeli. Going forward, we aim to deliver all our fixed and mobile integrated services to our customers from all TİMs across Turkey.

Turkcell Communication Centers
million visitors (per month)
over 11 thousand sales points

In the Exclusive Channel, we serve our customers with a team of 9,000 service personnel and 157 specially trained Technology Experts at 1,080 TİMs. We offer consultancy services with our experts in communications technologies to around 20 million visitors each month concerning new technologies to make their lives easier. We enable our customers to experience new products with our Technology Experts, who also train store employees on the use of technology.

In the Non-exclusive Channel, we supply and provide information about our products and services to 2,232 Authorized Sales Points and 9,078 Turkcell Sales Points (TSN) through 34 Turkcell Distribution Centers (TDM). We introduce our new technologies, services and offers to our customers with our Field Activity Team of 230 people, the extension of TDM in the field, and 70 TSN Support Experts.

Turkcell Flagship Stores provide service at 6 popular locations in three major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya). These stores reflect Turkcell’s leadership in the telecommunications industry to the retail sector as an “experience transfer platform” for Turkcell’s wide retail channel. The Communications Consultants employed at our Flagship stores, which serve as pioneers in design and provide unique customer satisfaction in service and sales models, are positioned as role models with their sales methods and retail practices. We continuously train them in becoming experts through courses in technology solutions and sales.

In terms of Non-telecommunications Sales Channels, we make sales at over 15,000 national and local supermarkets and post offices (PTT), and continuously expand our network for the convenience of our customers in reaching Turkcell products and services swiftly and conveniently regardless of location.

Our Alternative Sales Channels

We have transformed incoming calls from inbound sales, on which we focus in the Telemarketing Channel, into sales at a ratio of approximately 15%. On the strength of this ratio, which was previously at around 6%, we received a Silver Stevie award in the “Sales Growth Achievement” category. Our ability to make more profitable sales with lower costs and at higher volumes has positively impacted company profitability.

Our Online Sales Channel enables our customers to easily access our products and services at any time and from any location. In 2015, we launched the “With A Single Click” project and have facilitated the port-in from other mobile operators with the convenience and ease of a single click. We have begun to provide a new and easy experience that diversifies delivery alternatives for our customers through the pilot study of the “purchase online, collect from the store” project. This has been initiated in parallel to our multiple channel management vision. With the vision of transforming every smartphone into a store, we have enabled contracted and upfront payment sales through mobile devices.

We have integrated the services that we already provide in 81 cities to our individual consumers with a new sales channel exclusive to our corporate customers. We provide quality services to our customers 24/7 with the continuously updated and improved interface, accelerating delivery periods, and constantly expanding our technological product portfolio.

In our Self-Service Channels, we constantly maintain a wide network of ATMs, call centers and Internet branches of banks whereby our customers can quickly and easily access Turkcell services from any possible location.

Corporate Sales

In corporate sales, we continue to provide service with Turkey’s largest and most widespread sales force, customer management, retail and digital channels. We provide mobile, fixed and DC/Cloud services on an end-to-end basis.

A team of 1,300 employees at our Corporate Solutions Centers makes active sales to small scale companies. Additionally, we provide services from our Global Bilgi Call Center for all company requests. We also provide portfolio management services by conducting regular calls with 400 portfolio managers.


Turkcell Global Bilgi develops innovative solutions for next generation customer management by closely monitoring technological innovations; this in addition to our 16 years of experience in the industry. With this approach, Turkcell Global Bilgi has been serving Turkcell customers, enabling them to reach desired solutions via their preferred channel.

Turkcell Global Bilgi has been a pioneer in facilitating the expansion of call centers across Turkey. Accordingly, we have contributed to the national economy by introducing a new initiative. And by providing job opportunities, particularly for women and disabled individuals, we have contributed to national employment.

Our Erzurum Call Center, established 10 years ago, has contributed TRY 1.1 billion to the city’s economy.

Turkcell Global Bilgi’s first call center in Eastern Turkey in the city of Erzurum was established 10 years ago with a view to creating job opportunities for unemployed youth. Its contribution to the city’s economy has reached TRY 1.1 billion. The call centers in Anatolia today, which we pioneered with the Erzurum facility, provide jobs to over 38,000 people in around 50 cities.

As at the end of 2015, Turkcell Global Bilgi operates in 24 locations (20 in Turkey and 4 in Ukraine), 15 of which are owned. In total, Turkcell Global Bilgi employs 12,000 people, approximately 10,000 of whom are on its payroll. Answering approximately 550,000 calls a day, Turkcell Global Bilgi provides services to over 70 million people in Turkey and over 10 million people in Ukraine and Russia.

Another award for Turkcell Global Bilgi.

A pioneer in the sector since the day it was established, Turkcell Global Bilgi has also achieved significant success in the international arena with its technology and business models. At the “2015 Top Ranking Performers” awards organized by “”, one of the most important events in the call center sector, Turkcell Global Bilgi, was awarded first place in the world in the “Best Self Service” category with “Audio Response System Recognizing Wide-Ranging Expressions,” developed in-house, and also in the “Best Home Agent Management” category with the working- from-home model.