Human Resources

A more agile organization

We have made organizational changes to Turkcell, Turkcell Superonline and Global Tower companies in parallel with our corporate strategies in 2015. With these changes, we have facilitated a more efficient management of company resources and have reshaped processes and structures in line with our strategic objectives and trends in the sector. With the new structure, we have created a flexible Turkcell organization, where group companies work in an integrated manner, the customer experience is managed end-to-end, the sales channels attain a more effective function, and customer requirements are responded to faster. The new Turkcell Group organization has become simpler and more agile.

Our most valuable asset: Our employees.

We have determined strategic HR initiatives to support Turkcell Group’s objectives and strategies for the next three years. In light of these initiatives, we have established our work environment on systems and standards that instill a tangible sense of success among our employees.

Accordingly, we show our appreciation of our employees at every opportunity and show them our gratitude with different reward schemes. The total amount of awards we distributed to 1,250 of our Turkcell Group employees in this regard was TRY 4.6 million under various projects including “Now This Deserves An Award” projects that honor those who make a difference; TİP awards for innovative ideas through the Turkcell Innovation Platform; CEO and CXO awards, where the Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Executive Officers show their appreciation of employees creating a difference; patent awards, which we present to our Research and Development Engineers; and seniority awards given to employees, who have worked for five years or multiples thereof at Turkcell Group.

We attach importance to and support the career development of our employees at Turkcell Group. And plan our “Talent and Succession” processes accordingly. We prefer to assign our talented employees to appropriate and available management positions. We filled 82% of our management positions with our own talent within the company.

A new perspective to HR: HR Analytics.

HR Analytics became one of our most significant focal areas in creating an organization making decisions based on data and to provide insight into the design of our corporate projects. We gathered all our human resources data in an original platform by bringing to life systems that enable us to access the correct data at the right time. Text mining and segmentation, which we carry out with envisaged and descriptive statistical analyses, enabled us to better manage the career path of our employees, the corporate culture which has an effect on our corporate objectives, and our leadership model operations. As our operations in HR Analytics enable a data-based work culture to be created at Turkcell HR, these operations also place us in an HR position. With these, we are positioned as a “producer of new point of view”, rather than “executer” having entered world literature in the field of HR Analytics as an exemplary operation at conferences in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

All our efforts are for our employees: Our new Headquarters at Küçükyalı Plaza.

In 2015, we gathered all 2,500 employees, who were previously at different locations, under the same roof at Turkcell Küçükyalı Plaza. The move to our 36,000 m2 office building in Küçükyalı, Istanbul marked an important step in creating synergy and productivity. Employees enjoy a gross area of 14 m2 per person at our new smart building. With our new office which has a view of the Prince Islands, we have provided a modern and social office environment with numerous facilities including a 273-person conference room, a 336 m2 gym, 71 meeting rooms, 3 restaurants, 2 café-shops, a supermarket, dry cleaning, hairdressers for men and women, a prayer room, an infirmary equipped for response to emergencies, dietician services, a professional green box studio, a music room, and a hobby area, among others.


Turkcell Volunteers have completed 10 years of impacting the lives 50 thousand children.

Having been formed voluntarily by Turkcell Group employees, Turkcell Volunteers have now dedicated 10 years and reached out to over 50 thousand children in various projects across Turkey. With the regular donation and active work of over 21 thousand Turkcell employees to date, the volunteers have carried out over 30 projects focused on children and social responsibility including “Mobile Kindergarten”, “Toy Museum”, “Children To The Street”, “Water Bowls for Birds” and “Sweet Serenity”. Turkcell Volunteers share the happiness of thousands of children who were given science laboratories and play areas, as well as curiosity rooms, their first holidays, and water in villages that had previously lacked a supply.

We launched the “Choose Your Sibling” project with 1,094 children in 2015.

We began 2015 with our “Choose Your Sibling” project creating a special bond between Turkcell Volunteers and 1,094 children, receiving their education in 11 village schools in 7 cities. We also had the chance to purchase specific presents for each student with lists we prepared with information based on their favorite color and what they want to be when they grow up. We added special written notes to the presents. At the same time, we met the basic needs of the children such as coats, boots, books and notebooks. Our volunteers also handed out presents to villages in Samsun, Van, Sinop, Tokat, Diyarbakır, Çanakkale and Ordu.

We initiated our “Greetings from Hopa” project for Sugören Village, which suffered great damage from floods.

In September 2015, we initiated our “Greetings from Hopa” project for Hopa’s Sugören Village, which suffered considerable flooding damage. Our volunteers also repaired the kindergarten of Sugören Primary School. We renovated the inside of the kindergarten from curtains to tables, and purchased necessary educational equipment. We transformed an unusable room into a Curiosity Library. We hand-delivered new coats, boots, rain boots, stationery equipment and toys to 200 students. With the children, we also painted the school walls with graffiti. We then attended plays at the theatre with children who had never before seen a play.

Evaluating the requests received from schools throughout the year, we provided coats and boots to children in need at Şanlıurfa Çanakçı Primary School. We also set up “Curiosity Libraries” at Sinop Taşmanlı Dizdaroğlu Şehit Erol Keçeci Primary School, Tokat Karakaya Yunus Emre Primary School and Kahramanmaraş Çatova Secondary School.