Turkcell’s 15th Year at BiST and NYSE

The shares of Turkcell, the first and only Turkish company to be listed on the world’s leader in capital raising and equities trading, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), have been traded at the Borsa Istanbul and NYSE since 2000.

With the steps we have taken as “Turkey’s Turkcell”, we, once again, took pride in being one of the leading representatives of our country in the international arena. As a group providing converged telecommunications services, we have broken new grounds and led the way in many areas while progressing to where we are today. One to name is our listing on the NYSE, the arena of global players, fifteen years ago. We gathered with our shareholders in New York by organizing a series of events for the 15th anniversary of our listing on the Borsa Istanbul and NYSE.

Turkcell'in BİST ve NYSE'de 15. yılı
September 1, 2015 NYSE Closing Bell Ceremony-New York
Turkcell ranks within
the top 500
among more than 2,400 companies
trading on the NYSE.

We marked Turkcell’s 15th year of being listed on the NYSE with a traditional Closing Bell ceremony on Tuesday September 1, 2015. Mr. Ahmet Akça, Chairman of the Turkcell Board of Directors, rang the Closing Bell on behalf of Turkcell at the ceremony. Apart from the Turkcell delegation and NYSE representatives, Mr. Hüseyin Zafer, Executive Officer at Borsa Istanbul and Mr. Ertan Yalçın, the Turkish Consul General in New York joined the ceremony hosted by Mr. Tom Farley, the President of the NYSE, along with members of the press.


In honor of the 15th anniversary of Turkcell’s listing, we organized a reception under the auspices of the Turkish Consulate General in New York at The Plaza Hotel New York on August 31, 2015. Over one hundred guests honored the reception, to which prominent names from the American and Turkish business world, and public and non-governmental organizations were invited.

The evening began with an introductory film about Turkcell, which marked its first step towards being publicly listed in 2000, preceded by the opening speeches of hosts Turkcell Chairman Mr. Ahmet Akça and CEO Mr. Kaan Terzioğlu. At the end of the evening, commemorative plaques were presented to the representatives of the New York Stock Exchange, Borsa İstanbul and the Turkish Consulate General in New York in gratitude for their contributions throughout Turkcell’s 15 years of listing. Following plaque presentations to Mr. Stefan Jekel, Head of International Client Services at the New York Stock Exchange, Mr. Hüseyin Zafer, Executive Officer at Borsa İstanbul; and Mr. Ertan Yalçın, the Turkish Consul General in New York, the honorary guests Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President and Yaşar Halit Çevik, an Ambassador and Permanent Representative were also thanked for attending the event.


The Board of Directors and senior management of Turkcell paid a visit to the foremost technology companies of the world in Silicon Valley. Company success stories, sector dynamics and potential synergies were discussed at the meetings held with the senior executives of technology giants.

Turkcell Management Pays a Visit to Technology Giants
Turkcell Management Pays a Visit to Technology Giants