Turkcell Academy

We create equal opportunity of access to information and education with our “again and afresh” vision.

As Turkcell Academy, established in 2006 and based on Turkcell’s value of “investing in people” to support the development of Turkcell employees, as well as their business ecosystem, we provide information incorporated with Turkcell technology to wide audiences. With the courses we have prepared in light of global developments, we support Turkcell and Group employees on voluntary teaching. This in turn helps us economize through the use of internally provided educational resources.

Turkcell Academy, providing online classes, web-video, e-learning and mobile learning technologies in its education and development solutions, is focused on “equal opportunities in education.” Moreover, the Academy was made available nationwide through digitalization in 2014. As Turkcell Academy, we continue to take significant steps in improving Turkey with our mission of learning “again and afresh”, which is one of the most important integral parts of our vision.

Turkcell Academy improves its ecosystem with value created through collaboration with universities.

While we focus on the development, and ensure the continuity of our employees’ and managers’ performance through our development solutions, we also support and improve our promising youth with talent in technology as well as our business partners. In parallel with this object, 1.9 million hours of training were given to 925 thousand people in the Turkcell Group ecosystem in 2015 at Turkcell Academy: The average number of hours of education per person was 38.

In 2015, we continued to support and improve our new employees at customer contact points and sales teams with “Video Training”, “Beginners Coaching” solutions and “Beginning Work Programs” containing in-class case applications aimed at preparing them for providing service in Turkcell quality standards.

The MBA Certificate Program organized with Bahçeşehir University’s contributions was one of the ongoing projects in 2015 geared at increasing Turkcell corporate customer managers’ dominance in business dynamics. Additionally, we initiated the “Real-Time Business Solutions” development program for our Corporate Sales teams to transform Turkcell’s corporate customers into “Real-Time Businesses” and facilitate their lives by digitalizing their business processes.

In 2015, we prepared the “Retail Management Certificate Program” with Koç University to increase the expertise of teams doing retail management of exclusive and non-exclusive channels.

Another development program initiated in 2015 with Okan University was the “TİM Coordinator Development Program” for developing the management skills and retail visions of coordinators working at Turkcell Communications Centers with responsibility of more than one store. In 2015, we also reached 18,000 people with profile-based courses to enhance the expertise of our field personnel.

Regional academy educators support our employees.

We have increased the knowledge and skills of our employees working at Corporate Solutions Centers, Fiber Solutions Centers and TİMs with our Regional Academy Educators, and contributed to finding solutions for local needs.

We initiated the “TİM Transformation Development Program” for the employees of 60 renovated stores to enable a customer experience that fosters the mindset of “Good job I bought it from Turkcell” and “Turkcell will find me a solution”. In the program, including our employees and store managers, we took part in simulation workshops increasing knowledge with digital and in-class education in the areas of retail, smart devices, customer processes and systems, service and sales skills from a single point, unique customer experience and store management.

We increase expertise with our technology development program.

As part of the Technology Development Program, we delivered 700 courses to increase expertise among technical teams. We also offered development solutions for 297 analysts in the Analyst Development Program and 57 project managers in the Project Management Development Program. Furthermore, we contributed to the development of 2,200 people working with Regional Solutions Partners for the continuity of Turkcell’s superior network quality with 110 in-class and distance courses.

We are educating leaders to carry Turkcell into the future.

With the leadership and skill development solutions that we offer as Turkcell Academy, we aim to transform development investment and carry Turkcell Group into the future, from a new manager right through to executive officer level, into a measurable value for the company. In 2015, we continued to improve Turkcell Group leaders with programs aimed at approximately 950 managers in Turkcell Group with the Turkcell Academy Leadership and Skill Development Team.

We reach all of our employees with the live “Programs About Life” broadcast.

Once again, in 2015, we carried out “Programs About Life” courses to support personal development. This year, we added experimental courses to our program which has reached 28 thousand people in five years; and aimed at increasing awareness of Turkcell Group employees by providing different experiences such as sailing, the dialogue in the dark project, and piloting.

We support young people on their journeys to improvement with our collaborations.

As Turkcell Academy, we support the developmental journey of young people through university-industry cooperation realized to provide the sector with a skilled workforce. Throughout October 2014 - December 2015, we provided a skilled workforce to the informatics sector by reaching out to 2,000 students at 14 universities with nine certificate programs prepared with the corporate knowledge and experience of Turkcell Academy.

Bringing 16,000 students from 32 universities together with Turkcell Group managers at 65 events, we lead the way in transferring Turkcell’s vision in terms of “Transformation in Society with 4.5G”, “Mobile Innovation”, career, leadership, new technologies and entrepreneurship.

2014 and 2015 Turkcell Digital Academy figures.


“Turkcell Academy - Corporate” education platform adds value to development of corporates and ecosystems.

In 2014, we initiated Turkcell Academy, one of our solutions that brings added value to the business world and society alike, by “creating equal opportunities in accessing information”. With over 3,000 courses, more than nine million views and providing the opportunity to learn English and prepare for exams to over 600 thousand people, Digital Academy, with its rich content, swiftly became a key resource for individuals and institutions in 2015.

We embraced all of Turkey with “Turkcell Academy - Corporate” initiated in 2015 by developing our area of activity primarily to spread online education, which is rapidly spreading across the world, across Turkey. We aim to provide an end-to-end service to our corporate customers with online courses enabling a more efficient developmental journey for their employees through Turkcell Academy - Corporate.

Turkcell Academy, operating in Turkey and worldwide, and improving employees through new generation learning methods and educational consulting services, contributes to a more efficient development of corporate ecosystems. Employees are able to take courses anywhere and anytime, be evaluated through tests and have access to the most updated and reliable information through the Turkcell Academy educational infrastructure.

We support career development with Turkcell Academy’s certificate programs!

By establishing a strategic collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in accordance with its belief in equal opportunities in education, we offered the first online Innovator’s MBA Program in the world at EdX and Turkcell Digital Academy platform, free of charge. With the program, prepared in Turkish and English and followed by 120 thousand people, we have provided access to courses equivalent to a semester at MIT in the areas of “The Basics of Entrepreneurship” and “Entrepreneurship From the User”.

In order to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey, as Turkcell Academy, we guided the participation of a Turkish entrepreneur, who completed the Turkcell- MIT Innovator’s MBA program ranking first in class, to the MIT Entrepreneur Bootcamp organized worldwide, to which only a limited number of entrepreneurs qualify to attend.

In terms of collaborations with universities, we have played an important role in providing the sector with an equipped workforce by initiating the “Sales and Retail Development Program” and “SPL License Level 1 - Program for Exam Preparation” with Bilgi University and “Call Center Certification Program” with Ege University in 2015. We also provided the opportunity for individuals wishing to improve themselves in marketing to reach experts on digital courses in the “Turkcell Academy Marketing Certification Program”, one of the most searched programs by young people.

Developmental categories offered on the Turkcell Digital Academy platform in 2015 were English, Exam Preparation, Certification Programs, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology, Education without Borders, and Khan Academy Turkish.

We have raised awareness in society with our initiatives that enable the disabled to be employed and educated, and that eliminate daily obstacles, and through our “Education without Borders” initiative. With foundational courses offered within Turkcell Digital Academy, we have supported the development of the disabled and their families.

Turkcell Academy awarded “best corporate university in the world”.

Having received over thirty prestigious international awards since its establishment, Turkcell Academy received “The BEST” award in 2015 by being selected “The Best Corporate University” by the American Association for Talent Development (ATD). In the evaluations made by the ATD jury, the value Turkcell Academy added to Turkcell’s ecosystem, sector and society came to prominence.

Another award given to Turkcell Academy came from Brandon Hall, that has a 21-year deep-rooted past. The “Ground Breaking Customer Experience” implementation designed to increase customer satisfaction and benefit-oriented solutions sales was deemed worthy of a silver prize in the “Best Program for Sales Training and Performance” category.

Furthermore, in 2015, the European Business Awards awarded Turkcell first prize in the “Customer Focus” category, marking a first, having evaluated the value offered to its customers through Turkcell Digital Academy.