Hand in Hand to Improve Lives

We move forward toward our dreams as Turkey’s Turkcell.

Since the day we were established, as Turkey’s Turkcell, we have fulfilled our responsibilities to society with projects realized in various fields such as education, culture, the arts, and sports, among others.

We strive with all our strength to accomplish the best for our country and to improve lives with our technology. It is a pleasure for us when we serve as a bridge for a child on the path to their dreams. Our days are brighter when we shine light on worlds with boundaries. We only breathe easily when we are able to offer individuals equality in education and give them hope for their future. We take joy in lending a hand to our athletes, bright minds of the future and skillful women. It gives us great pride to be of use to our country when we see the results of our support for the arts, science and entrepreneurs.

We are Turkey’s Turkcell. Thus, we will continue to carry out our responsibility to society in different fields with sincerity and our best efforts as long as we exist.


As the Turkcell family, we attach great importance to equal opportunities among all segments of our society for the economic and social development of our country, and are taking concrete steps in this regard. In accordance with this vision, we provide solutions in a diversity of fields under the “People Without Boundaries” roof to make the lives of our disabled citizens easier and to better integrate them into life.

We employ 500 disabled citizens at Turkcell Group.

We employ 500 disabled citizens at our Turkcell Group Companies and Turkcell Call Centers. 50% of our employees at Turkcell Global Bilgi Van- Erciş Call Centers are disabled personnel.

We support the development of disabled children with our Education Without Boundaries Program.

We have carried out a new project with the Turkish Ministry of Education for disabled children with special education requirements to enable them to participate in daily social life. We support the development of disabled students towards education and employment with the “Education Without Boundaries Program” under the auspices of the Ministry of Education to increase the competencies of disabled children with special education requirements, and to enable them to become part of social life. As part of this program, we plan to create professional workshops and technology classes in 80 schools where disabled students receive special education. In 2015, we have constructed 10 schools, reaching our target. Now, our aim is to reach 10 thousand students within 2 years.

Within this program, we will establish “Technology” and “Information Technologies” classes at 15 schools for the visually impaired and 20 schools for the hearing impaired to contribute to the students’ development and to generate opportunities through the use of technology. Additionally, we will prepare visually impaired students for business life with the carrier workshops to be designed at 45 Special Education - Carrier Education Schools. We will set up information technologies classes to support the employment of hearing impaired youth in graphic design, computer technologies and similar fields. In these technology classes, we will enable them to access information more easily, and enable their personal and professional development with the advantages of technology, utilizing devices specially developed for the visually impaired.

We also offer “Turkcell – YGA Visually Impaired Individuals’ Leadership Program” to visually impaired students. At the initial phase of the program, where disabled leaders with the potential to be role models are trained, 50 visually impaired students of secondary school age participate in a 10-week education program. Twenty five visually impaired students who successfully complete the program participate in a 5-day Leadership Camp. At this camp, through an intensive training program, students learn to ‘succeed together’ by better experiencing projects they participate in, and are inspired by the speeches of role model leaders. The stars selected from among the candidates, and who are trained for 10 weeks at workshops, receive one-on-one coaching from a role model leader.

We continue to carry out initiatives in different fields for our disabled citizens to integrate them to everyday life.

We continue to carry out our activities in different fields for our disabled citizens to integrate them to everyday life through our cooperation with the Blind Sports Federation in the sporting arena. Having started our cooperation with the Turkish Football Federation and Turkish Blind Sports Federation in 2013, we remain the main sponsor of the National Blind Football Team and the name sponsor of the Turkcell Those Who See the Sound League, which is a football league for the visually impaired.

Turkcell has supported the “Dialogue in the Dark” exhibition in Turkey which has had over 8 million visitors in 135 cities of 32 countries. With Turkcell’s support, the exhibition, where participants experience the everyday lives of the visually impaired, have enriched its content and also provides employment to the visually impaired guides. The new sections included at the exhibition with Turkcell’s partnership have paved the way for new perspectives regarding visual impairment.

With the “Turkcell My Dream Companion” service, disabled citizens can listen to the following free of charge: recent news from Turkey and around the world, columns, thousands of books including world classics, personal development guides and fairy tales; information services such as astrology, exchange rates, weather forecasts and Goals on Mobile; and also numerous courses, which are indispensable for their integration into society.

The “Audio Description” service, which we have included in the Turkcell My Dream Companion service, is now available through a mobile application for the first time anywhere in the world. With “Audio Description”, in which the scenes in films without dialogue are described in detail, the visually impaired can watch movies with the same joy as any moviegoer.

Courses ranging from technology to personal development, business to leadership and innovation to entrepreneurship can also be found for the hearing impaired with sign language and subtitles through “Academy Without Borders” within Turkcell Academy. Turkcell Academy continues to provide “Turkish Sign Language” courses in cooperation with the Federation of the Deaf. Furthermore, visually impaired individuals can learn to use smartphones with iOS-Android courses developed for them.


We have now completed the second year of our Developers of the Future Project, which we built on our desire to contribute to increasing Turkey’s share of the software economy, and our need to ascertain how to create value for the ecosystem.

In two years, we have facilitated educational, developmental and employment opportunities in informatics for nearly 60 thousand young people.

We have determined the objective of the project as providing software proficiency to young people, supporting entrepreneurship and transforming innovative ideas into profit for Turkey. In light of this philosophy, we continue to reach hundreds of thousands of people with our project by creating more education, development and jobs, thereby uniting the potential in the informatics sector on the back of our strength in integrated technology and communications services provision.

In two years, individuals have signed up for Turkey’s first and most extensive application development platform from various countries, naturally including Turkey, but also Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Romania, China, Afghanistan, and Ghana. Besides, nearly 60 thousand people have benefited from the “gelecegiyazanlar.turkcell.com.tr” platform of the Developers of the Future Project. Young people trained on this platform are able to develop software for mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. as well as web programs. This project that run in three stages continues to produce useful output for society, while improving the lives of youth and children by not only offering education, but also by helping them to better stand on their own feet.

Besides online courses to keep the youth up-to-date on developments in the software sector, we held face-to-face meetings with over 6,500 students at 101 universities in 81 cities in Turkey.

Within the project, we have also taken action enabling children to develop technology instead of merely consuming it. Accordingly, we have supported them in developing their own applications with face-to-face and online courses.

We have established bridges between our mentors and project beneficiaries during the production phase. We have encouraged the participants to develop applications in various fields such as health, education and finance.

We have brought each participant, who has improved their knowledge and skills, together with the leading institutions and non-governmental organizations in the sector, positioning the developers of the future as today’s employment ambassadors. 11,000 developers were issued certificates of achievement, confirming their readiness to contribute to Turkey’s growing potential.

We believe in a better future made possible by the software that the youth itself will develop. And so, we continue to work hard to build the future by harnessing technology’s power to develop and improve.


“Women Empowerment in the Economy Project” was initiated in collaboration with the Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction (TISVA) to enable women to better contribute to the economy by reducing the gap between equality of payments and opportunities. Having completed its third year of operation in 2015, we have provided microcredit support across 69 provinces to 70,000 women entrepreneurs, who are keen to become independent contributors to the economy. With more than TRY 1 million in loans extended over three years, we have positively impacted the lives of 300,000 people, including the families of our women entrepreneurs.

Our female entrepreneurs’ products are available for purchase at the Turkcell Handcrafts online store, established through our collaboration with the highly-visited e-commerce website, n11.com.


We have provided over 100 thousand scholarships to 30 thousand girls over 15 years.

On the 15th anniversary of the Snowdrops Project, through which we have provided over 100 thousand scholarships to 30 thousand girls, we have continued to support the education of girls. Following the completion of their high school and university education, thousands of our Snowdrops have embarked upon their careers. The project was recognized globally by the United Nations in March 2010 as an exemplary scheme.

We continue to support girls, including those with disabilities, to succeed in high-school and university education as part of the project.


We support the development of Turkish sports.

We have always been supportive, playing a pioneering role in the development of Turkish sports and enhancing the good reputation that Turkish athletes and our National Teams enjoy, domestically and internationally. In 2015, we continued to provide support to the team sports of basketball and football, and to the individual sports of athletics and swimming.

Football and Basketball

We had launched our support of the National Football Team by becoming its Official Communication Sponsor back in 2002, thereafter becoming its “Main Sponsor” in 2005. Having successfully qualified for Euro 2016, the National Team will represent our country at the European Championship in France in 2016. We will continue to support the National Team for the next three years.

As the biggest supporter of football in Turkey, we have also added “Official Communications Sponsorship of Spor Toto Super League” to our football sponsorships and “PFD Football Awards Sponsorship” held by the Turkish Professional Footballers Association in August this year. Our support for football will increasingly continue in 2016.

We are the sponsor of the National Basketball Team, which represented our country at the 2015 European Basketball Championship, since 2002.

National Blind Sports Team and League Sponsorships

In the sports arena we continue our activities in different fields to enable our disabled citizens to be a part of everyday life through cooperation with the Blind Sports Federation. Through our partnership with the Turkish Football Federation and Turkish Blind Sports Federation beginning in 2013, we continue to be the “Main Sponsor” of The National Blind Football Team and the Name Sponsor of the “Turkcell Those Who See The Sound League,” which is a football league for the visually impaired.

Our National Blind Football Team became the European Champions, defeating its rivals in the 2015 European Championship held in England. Furthermore, with this championship the team has qualified to take part in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Swimming and Athletics

Turkcell provides the greatest support for amateur sports.

We have planned to invest TRY 28 million until 2020 in the Swimming and Athletics Performance projects, initiated in 2013, under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports. We provide the greatest support for amateur sports seen to date through these projects.

We are active at every stage of the project that aims to train 200 thousand qualified athletes and to attain international success for Turkish sports. We collaborate with Athletics and Swimming Federations on various elements of the project, including management, athlete selection, training techniques and institutional development consultancy. Our focus remains on the training of promising national athletes for the 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympics. Moreover, our aim is to create federations with strong corporate structures and sustainable success, and to extend these sports to wider group of people. We do our very best to bring success to Turkish sports by supporting more individuals every year.

Culture and Arts

As Turkcell, we consider culture and arts to be among Turkey’s greatest attributes. In order to support and further elevate these values, we have been the Communications and Technology Sponsor of Istanbul Modern, Turkey’s first contemporary art gallery, since 2012. In this regard, we have developed solutions and applications unique to Istanbul Modern: we initiated its use of QR codes, and installed talking tags featuring NFC technology to enhance art enthusiasts’ experience during their visits. We have pioneered in Turkey the first museum application to be compatible with Beacon.

We have become the Communications and Technology sponsor of the Sakıp Sabancı Museum in 2014. With our “My Ticket on Mobile” service, we make purchasing tickets easier and provide visitors convenience at museum entrances. For the first time in Turkey, we have designed education programs for families with children of 0-36 months to participate at the museum.

We will continue to support arts and culture by integrating our technology into museums in order to improve peoples’ lives.


A major award for Turkcell from the Carbon Disclosure Project.

As a company which has long since adopted climate change awareness, we have been working on the risks caused by climate change and the new opportunities it creates, and have made these initiatives a part of our strategic plans. We completed the CDP Turkey (Carbon Disclosure Project) survey for the first time in 2013, and publicly disclosed a more extensive report for 2014.

With our efficiency initiatives, we have reduced Scope 2 emissions by approximately 5% with the energy savings we have accomplished since 2013. We have improved the efficiency of base stations by reducing electricity consumption, particularly with improvements and innovative implementations made regarding the energy management used at base stations within the context of emission reduction projects. By developing Turkcell power saving algorithms for base stations having energy requirements varying at different times of the day, we have established an energy management system. Thus, we have reduced 3,837 tons of greenhouse gas emissions at the base stations.

In 2014, we had also reduced 7,287 tons of CO2 with our energy efficiency projects. This value is considered to be equivalent to preventing approximately 3.5 million kg of coal burning, amounting to the electricity usage of approximately 1,000 households in a year. (source: http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-resources/calculator.html#results)

Receiving the highest scores among companies that disclose climate change strategies using the CDP platform, we ranked among the 5 companies within the top 10% of the “Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index” in 2015. Subsequently, we were awarded the “CDP 2015 Turkey Climate Disclosure Leadership” award.

A first for the GSM sector: “ISO 14064 Certification”.

We have proven to be an environmentally friendly company with human and benefit-oriented initiatives related to international standards in social, economical and environmental areas of influence. We have fulfilled all our responsibilities regarding greenhouse gas emissions standards, and we became the first telecom operator to receive the “ISO 14064 – Accounting and Verification of Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions” certificate in Turkey. Our initiatives, such as exhibiting consistency and transparency in the determining, tracking, reporting and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, developing and implementing greenhouse gas management strategies at the company, and creating plans for the future have been confirmed by independent supervisory authorities. Subsequently, we were awarded ISO 14064 certification.

BIST Sustainability Index

With the sense of responsibility that comes with our position in the industry, we adopt sustainability as a principle in environmental, social and corporate governments. The BIST Sustainability Index provides a performance evaluation means to make improvements in companies and to establish new objectives. The index also provides the opportunity for companies to develop their risk management skills regarding corporate transparency and sustainability with accountability. As Turkcell, we have been on the 2014 and 2015 BIST Sustainability Index on the back of our achievements in relation to the selection criteria.