Domestic Subsidiaries

Global Tower


Founded in 2006 as a 100% Turkcell affiliate with the vision of “making communication possible everywhere,” Global Tower is Turkey’s first and only technology infrastructure operator.

Having entered the market as a tower services provider, Global Tower meets every technological infrastructure need of its industry customers, including GSM and landline carriers, TV and radio broadcasters, government institutions and network and telemetry service providers.

Offering fast and high-quality services to customers through cooperation with its partners, Global Tower conducts leasing, maintenance and new installation operations together with its ecosystem comprising regional solution partners.

Global Tower helps its customers expand their networks and increase their operational quality through end-to-end telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructure solutions, turnkey installation services, and professional operational and maintenance services. The company also increases the operational efficiency levels of its customers by combining networks of similar infrastructure through passive infrastructure sharing, differentiating itself with its patents and useful business models.

With Ukrtower, its investment in Ukraine, Global Tower has taken a step toward becoming a regional player.


İnteltek (owned 55% by Turktell, 20% by Intralot SA, and 25% by Intralot Iberia Holding SA) conducts Head Agency, Central Betting Administration and Risk Management operations as part of Turkey’s sports games betting administration through an exclusive contract with Spor Toto.

Under the “iddaa” brand, and operating a game under the same name, İnteltek is one of the world’s largest operators of state-controlled betting games. In 2015, “iddaa” created over TRY 3 billion in added value for the Turkish economy in the form of taxes and public shares.

Inteltek has operations in the same field in Azerbaijan through its 51% stake in “Azerinteltek”, which successfully operates its “Topaz” brand.


On August 25, 2015, the Turkcell Board of Directors decided upon taking the necessary actions and obtaining the necessary approvals for the establishment of a consumer finance company, the equity ceiling of which will be up to TRY 500 million. In this regard, Turkcell Finansman A.Ş. has commenced operations on February 2, 2016.

The company extends the Turkcell quality to the financial sector by offering flexible payment solutions through financing loans for our customers’ device needs.


Turkcell Global Bilgi

As Turkey’s leading customer experience center, Turkcell Global Bilgi serves over 60 companies within six sectors across a total of 24 locations: 20 in Turkey and 4 in Ukraine. The company has a desk capacity of 8,000.

Ranked among the 500 largest companies in Turkey, Turkcell Global Bilgi generates the highest revenue in the call center sector based on 2014 revenues according to “Bilişim 500” (Informatics 500) research.

Turkcell Global Bilgi, making the first technology investment in Eastern Turkey with Erzurum call center, is the first, and still the only Turkish call center providing service abroad with its investments in Ukraine.

In revenue terms Turkcell Global Bilgi is the leader in the Ukrainian outsourced-call center market. Furthermore, it ranks among the top ten companies in terms of size in the Russian outsourced-call center market.


Turkcell Teknoloji conducts its R&D and innovation operations at Turkey’s largest R&D Center in a single location, Küçükyalı Teknoloji Plaza, where 691 R&D personnel are employed.

Enabling the end-to-end administration of product and service development processes under a single roof, this center provides services to Turkcell Group, as well as to 15 countries in each of its specialty departments: Big Data Processing, Business Intelligence Applications, Customer Relations Management Solutions, Network Management Solutions, Location-Based Technologies, Next- Generation Value-Added Services, SIM Technologies, Mobile Financial Systems, Music and Entertainment Services, IPTV Services, Revenue Management Competencies, Cloud Computing, Terminal Applications, Mobile Marketing Solutions, Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication Technologies, and Campaign Management Systems.

Specific R&D fields, including Cloud Computing, Big Data, Micro Location, Social Network Analyses, M2M, Customized Plan & Package Offers and Campaign & Billing & Charging Systems will determine the future orientation of developments, solution management and project efforts at Turkcell Teknoloji.

Turkcell Teknoloji continues its successful operations abroad.

Turkcell Teknoloji successfully maintains its technology and software export activities in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Sales and maintenance after sales operations are carried out with 24 products abroad. Both designed and developed by Turkcell Technology, RoamSelect is used in 10 countries, SimSelect in 7 counties and Campaign Management System (CMS) in 6 countries.

Turkcell Technology is the market leader in Turkish telecommunications market with 514 national, 56 international patent applications and 145 registered certificates to its name since 2008. Turkcell Technology, aims to sustain its market leader position going forward with 145 patent applications in 2015.